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The following items are for sale in our Gift Shop. A shipping and handling charge of $6.95 will be added to all orders. Credit card orders can be made by phone if you call the museum at 906-884-6165.



1. U.P. Goes to War, by Larry Chabot -- The U.P. and its heroes in World War II sums this book up very well. It is a collection of stories about U.P. people serving their country during this time in history. The stories span from 1942 to 1945. Larry Chabot was born and raised in Ontonagon. $19.95

2, 3, & 4. Ontonagon Lighthouse Journals I, II, and III -- compiled by Bruce Johanson, these are a must-have for any lighthouse buffs, and wonderful reading for anyone who would like to know what day by day living was like for the Ontonagon lightkeepers from 1872 to 1903 (volume I); 1903 to 1918 (volume II); and 1919 to 1951 (volume III). The texts are the keepers' own words put into printed form for easier reading. A great read for anyone. $35.00 ea

5. This Ontonagon Country, by James K. Jamison -- The last paragraph on the back flap of this book's cover sums it up very nicely. "He sees the Indian, the fur trader, the prospector, the miner, the lumberman, the farmer, and the tourist march across the field of history against the background of the Ontonagon Country, and he tells you why he thinks they unknowingly have created a great asset." Mr. Jamison was a superintendent of the Ontonagon school for years, and served as Ontonagon County Treasurer. $16.95 Hardcover

6. Season's Revenge, by Henry Kisor -- Accidental death? Or not? That will be up to Deputy Steven Martinez to determine and will plunge him into the chase of his life, filled with action, danger, mystery, and adventure. This story is bound to keep you riveted until the last page. $19.95 Hardcover

7. Totem, by Michael Genrich -- This mystery novella sees a brutal serial killer stalk the million-acre Ottawa National Forest in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula, a man who can vanish into the vast woodlands without leaving a trace. The fragile local economy is paralyzed while authorities search for him. Will the elusive fugitive be brought to ground before he kills again? Is the killer a man with human motivations as they are now understood, however warped they might be, or is he something else, a throwback to past times, times not seen for hundreds of years? The contradictions confound his pursuers. $12.95

8. Megis, by Michael Genrich -- In this novella, Law enforcement struggles with the new realities of the post-9/11 world in the sleepy backwater that is Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Suddenly, international tensions explode in the U.P. from a completely unexpected quarter. Thus begins a trail of events that leads inevitably to disaster, as ancient prophecies are fulfilled and as family tragedies come full circle. MEGIS (Ojibwa for 'The Shell') is a modern day thriller that is completely different from the norm. It combines elements of historic Native American culture, modern technology, and the characteristics of the Upper Peninsula and its people to provide a unique look at an isolated area of the country that few outsiders know anything about. Foreign agents introduce small nuclear devices into the Upper Peninsula in an attempt to retrieve one of their scientists, a physicist involved in cutting-edge technology who has been kidnapped from his country and who is being held in a secret U.P. location. Two men, an FBI agent and a state police detective, are thrust into a battle between those who hold the scientist and those who pursue him, only to ultimately discover that both sides want him dead. In the end, the scientist's destiny lies not with these two men but with another, one who recalls ancient Ojibwa legends that are almost as old as the land itself. $13.95

9. This Land, the Ontonagon, 3rd Edition revised, by Bruce Johanson -- Bruce Johanson is a retired history teacher from the Ontonagon Area Schools, and while teaching he had written a textbook on Ontonagon County history for a class that he started specifically to cover local history. Johanson will take you on an entertaining and informative journey through Ontonagon Couny's history, beginning with the ancient miners and ending with the current era. $29.95



10. Skiing in the Porkies, a History, by John Doyle -- This DVD details how organized skiing in the Porcupine Mountains came to be, starting with ground work laid by Ontonagon businessman Elmer Webber, founder of Gitchee Gumee Oil Company, who along with Walter Gorman (Northern Lumber) and Tom Hawley (Hawley Lumber) managed to build the first ski hill in the Porkies in 1940. The DVD goes on to tell the story of development to the present, using pictures and information collected by John Doyle of Ontonagon, scanned by Jack Townsend, and organized in a script by Bruce Johanson.
Many local folks will recognize people in the photos and the entire tale is a nostalgic journey through the years from the old tow rope system to the present triple chair lift. The DVDs make wonderful gifts, especially to anyone who has ever enjoyed the fine ski slopes in the Porkies. $19.95


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